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Chemglass et Huber Case Study


Example cases show real results and offer support when making your buying decision. Our case studies demonstrate the thermodynamic properties of Huber machines for Chemglass glass reactor systems on the basis of practical examples and are therefore best suited for making a fair comparison with the competition.


Unistat 410w cycling a 50-litre Chemglass un-insulated glass jacketed reactor between 100°C and -15°C



The Unistat 410w is a bench top model with small dimensions but has 2.5 kW of cooling at 100 °C and 1.5 kW at 0 °C. Heating power of 3 kW makes this compact unit a good choice for comparatively large reactors above 0 °C as this case study shows.


The reactor was filled with 34.5 litres of Huber’s silicon based Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) (M90.055.03), the stirrer speed was set to 100 rpm and control to Process Control. The unit was cycled between 20 °C to 100 °C then to -15 °C before being returned to 20 °C.

Setup details: Unistat 410w & Chemglass un-insulated glass jacketed reactor

- Temperature range: -45...250 °C

- Cooling power: 1.5 kW @ 0 °C, 0.8 kW @ -20 °C & 0.2 kW @ -40 °C

- Heating power: 1.5/3.0 kW

- Hoses: 1x2 m; M30x1.5 (#6427), 1x1 m; M30x1.5 (#6426)

- HTF: M90.055.03 (#6259)

- Reactor: 50-litre un-insulated jacketed glass reactor

- Reactor contents: 34.5 litre M90.055.03 (#6259)

- Reactor stirrer speed: 100 rpm

- Control: process


The complete result can be found here.

It can be seen in the graphic that the Unistat 410w heats the process from 20 °C to 100 °C in approximately 1 hour. Cooling from 100 °C to -15 °C takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Given the physical size of the Huber Unistat 410w, its performance on a 50litre un-insulated reactor is remarkable. The tightness of control as the process temperature reaches set point and the stability can clearly be seen.

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