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Laboratory Glass Reactors SHORTLIST: The perfect configuration


If you are in need of an all-in-one complete temperature conditioned glass reactor system, Optimus Instruments is the right partner to speak to. As a distributor and premium service partner of the brands Chemglass, Huber and Heidolph, Optimus Instruments has all the resources to deliver all the right components of the reactor solution that your application requires. But how to make a purchase choice? Simple, follow our shortlist and compose the ideal reactor solution for your laboratory applications.


STEP 1: Select the perfect reactor for your application


As a first step in up-scale research and production or down-scaling, a glass reactor system could be a very suitable solution. It is transparant for optimum visual monitoring, it is easy to use, flexible and budget-friendly. Optimus Instrument’s extended range of vessel sizes, condensers, adapters, etc. and the capability of customization will certainly provide you of all the necessary components for you application.


1) Volume: The volume when scaling up or down is crucial for the application. Optimus Instruments offers sizes going from 300 mL up to 100L as standard.

2) Temperature range and importance: When temperature control is required, a double jacketed vessel is the best solution. Otherwise a non-jacketed vessel is sufficient and more budget-friendly.

3) Pressure range: When a vacuum is required, the right seals will be provided down to -1 bar.

4) Material compatibility: When working with aggressive of corrosive products, the seals and O-rings can be adapted. We provide PTFE, PEEK, Kalrez or Viton if this is required.

5) Your process: Are we talking about crystallization, synthesis, distillation? Let us know what your process is and we will provide additional condensers, adapted flasks, reflux equipment, etc.

6) Material addition: Do you wish to add a gas, liquid or solid during the process. If so, Optimus Instruments will provide the correct components for the insertion, extra vessels, etc.

STEP 2: Select a thermostatic circulator


When temperature is an utterly important parameter in you process, a Huber circulator will aid you to achieve optimum temperature conditions in your glass vessel. If you selected a jacketed reactor vessel, the choice of the correct circulator is the next step. What do you need to know?


1) Temperature range: What are the temperature requirements? Do you need one constant temperature or do you need to heat up and cool down. Provide us with all the temperature requirements and we’ll calculate which unit you need.

2) Temperature control: When very precise temperature control is required, we’ll offer an extra probe to control the unit based on the internal temperature in your process.

3) Easy decoupling: If the circulator needs to be detached often, a bypass or manifold system is a very helpful solution.

STEP 3: Select a stirring solution


The stirring is the final step. A correct selection has to be made for the stirrer motor, impeller or propeller, coupling and shaft. Optimus Instruments offers an extended product range of stirring solutions including the brand new Heidolph Hei-Torque stirrers.


1) Product viscosity: Is the viscosity high or low? This is the number one parameter for the selection of the motor and impeller size and shape.

2) Speed: The rotation speed in a glass reactor is normally not higher than 400 RPM. What is required for the application. Stirrer motors with adaptive RPM are also available for processes with viscosity changes.

3) Aggressive or dangerous products: When working with dangerous products in the reactor, a different stirrer material could be selected. An air motor or Atex motor are also available if explosion is a possible risk.

4) Remote control: When operation form outside the fume hood is required, all operation could be done from outside using remote control.

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